Claims Management

Claims Management

Management of claims is a critical element of the exceptional service we offer. Capital Innovation Insurance Group Pty Ltd has dedicated claims staff for all non-Workers Compensation insurance related claims.

Our approach to claims is a pro-active one with an effective flow of communication between your business and Capital Innovation Insurance Group Pty Ltd. We do not wait for Insurers to contact us; we contact them on your behalf.

Whilst it is our first priority to ensure losses are avoided it is a requirement that any loss be managed immediately and future loss is minimised as much as possible.

Our General Insurance Claim Team is responsible for claim notification and lodgement to Insurers, following up investigation between Insurers and Assessors and administration.

All claims management reports with the exception of workers compensation will be coordinated through our claims team, giving you confidence that in the event of a claim, we are working hard for you.

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